What is the best brand of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment?


What is the best brand of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment?

    The real question here is who is installing your heating and air conditioning equipment?  When you look inside a heater or air conditioner, there are very few parts that differ from one brand to another. What you should be looking for, are the people installing the equipment. Let’s dissect the difference between large companies (50+ people) and small companies (>=15 people).

When you have a large company, they are hiring guys with some experience and companies train them under the way they do things. Which makes sense, but it takes time. You are not a top notch technician over night. Do you want a guy training in your home?  No!  Also, large companies have large buildings and a lot of overhead to run the company. Do you want to pay for the overhead that is needed for all the extra people? No! With some large companies, their headquarters are in different states. Does it make sense to have a local contractor who is close to your home that can maintain and repair your system?

With smaller companies, they are usually guys who have mastered the trade and decided to go out on their own. They have seen every problem, fixed every problem and installed every piece of equipment under the sun.  They are usually local and you may have to interview a few before you find the right guy, because their marketing skills usually are not great. They grow their business by word of mouth. When they fix a system, or install a system, they are the guys coming out to service it. You can bet that it will be done right and done to perfection.

With large companies, they have 2 different divisions. Install, who does the installation of the heater or air conditioner and a Service department, who fixes all the problems. When an install is complete, you will never see those technicians again. They tend to leave loose ends because they know service can come out and fix it. That leaves the homeowner scheduling around many technicians coming to the house. Do you have the time for this?

To sum everything up, do your homework when searching for the right contractor. You will be spending thousands of dollars if you are replacing your system. Make sure you have the right crew on the Job!!

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